About Us

Let’s talk about certificates here. Most people don’t like the process of generating certificates. Either you have to choose a template from a website or design your own template and then start editing the certificate to your requirement and the process goes on for different recipients. In the end, it becomes complex and time-consuming.

We at LetSign believe that your certificate generation process should be easy to set up with minimal customization. Our product lives up to the promise and is backed by some world-class support. And the best part is all of this comes at a reasonable price.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip people with our technology to issue branded, secure and verifiable certificates faster than usual. And in the process, we also intend to curb those fake certificates out there.

Our History

Boot Camps

We as a team used to organize several boot camps at corporates and universities and were beginning to award students by presenting printed certificates for the courses they had been trained.

"Eureka Effect"

A bad certificate generation experience sparks off the idea of creating a software platform which helps us generate certificates. "LetSign" is strategically born.


We start developing a minimum viable certificate generation platform which helps generate certificates within a small period of time without even getting to do any kind of designing and customization.

Feature Incorporation

We incorporate a series of features like generating multiple certificates in a click, emailing certificates directly from the dashboard.

Authentication Features

We further introduce features for verification of authenticity such as a unique verification link and also a QR code on the certificates.