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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Questions

The free plan can be availed only until you exhaust the 5 certificate limit on the plan.

Yes, our pricing is in US dollars but we do accept all kinds of currencies.

There are no other fees involved, you only pay for the plan level you have chosen plus tax applicable in your region.

Yes, you can deliver multiple certificates to the same person but the number will be included in your certificate limit.

A contract is a month or year-long with billing done on the first of every month or first of every year.

No, there isn’t any fee involved to maintain the link on the certificates. Anyone with the link can view the certificates at any time.

You would have access to your account but you wouldn’t be able to generate new certificates unless you pay your monthly bill.

You can access the next month’s limit by paying your bill for the next month.

Dashboard Questions

No, you don’t have to necessarily change the attributes of the text, it is already taken care of by the team. Only the matching text and the colour is used for the particular design.

Yes, you can use a custom design from your account but you need to send the design without any overlaid images and texts to us. We will set you up with your custom design.

All you have to do is select the desired design and then select the fields by which you are going to upload your CSV file and then finally upload the CSV file.

In the dashboard select the billing tab from the account menu in the left side of the page and click on the upgrade button from a plan that you have selected and continue to pay the amount.

Recipient Questions

The recipient receives an email asking them to click on the “Get certificate” option on the email, then they can confirm their email and download the certificate from the redirected link.

The authenticity of the certificate can be verified by clicking on the link given in the bottom of the certificate or by scanning the QR code in the bottom of the certificate.

You will be redirected to your unique certificate verification page where you’ll have details as to who issued the certificate, the date on which it was issued and also the purpose for which the certificate was issued.

Yes, you will be able to download your certificate multiple times from the dashboard or as long as you have the verification link of your certificate.

Getting Started

Determine your price range and the number of certificates you plan to issue from our pricing page. If you don't find your price range in the pricing page contact us so we can help determine your needs.

You can create an account at any time, and make a purchase through the billing tab under the account menu.

If you have arranged for a custom plan we will arrange payment options for you.

There is a chat widget connected to the dashboard and to our website, you can clear your doubts anytime you wish.